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Mechanic Working on Car


When your car is involved in a collision, you need the auto body collision repair experts in San Diego. At Kearny Mesa Auto Body and Collision, we are specialists in accident repair. Our top-quality equipment and highly trained employees can fix almost any type of vehicle damage. We get rid of dents, straighten out bends and replace parts that are too damaged for repair. With a goal to provide the best in customer service, we offer honest estimates, quality work and complete communication throughout the process.





Kearny Mesa Auto Body’s auto collision repair process looks like this:


1. Analysis – This allows us to get a closer look at the obvious damage as well as what might be lurking beneath the surface.

2. Disassembly – Conducting a disassembly helps us to determine whether to replace or to repair certain parts. We will only disassemble the damaged portion of the vehicle.

3. Estimate – After analysis, we’ll have the information needed to prepare a detailed estimate for the repairs.


4. Parts Ordering – We take special care to ensure the proper parts are ordered. Our technicians use color codes, trim codes, VINs, part numbers and other specific information to make sure it gets done right the first time.


5. Frame Repairs – Your automobile frame will be corrected with careful planning and calculating, ensuring it gets back to factory specifications and is ready for reassembly.


6. Reassembly – Part of reassembly includes painting each of the repair parts separately. When that is finished, we’ll reassemble your automobile, and it will be as good as new.

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